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Automotive lighting and the relative components are essential to handling your vehicle safely in a variety of weather conditions. It is not just that they make a vehicle more visible and aid the driver in driving safely, but that they also act as warning signals for other vehicles and pedestrians. The Automotive Lighting System provides information about the vehicle’s presence, size, speed, position, and direction of movement.

Vehicle lighting systems are more advanced than ever.  The use of new technology, coupled with the latest in design requires an ongoing inspection of your vehicles lighting system. The better your understand your vehicle’s lighting system and how each light feature illuminates the road the safer you and other motorists are.

As part of our comprehensive automotive services, Ürolube inspects your vehicle’s exterior lighting and replaces it if necessary, including brake lighting, hazards, headlights, fog lights, high beams, and more.

Here’s a highlight of the common lighting systems within vehicles and the designed engineering and how to operate these lighting functions. Here at Urloube, we are concerned about your safety. Review our resources below to help you understand the lighting solutions found in today’s vehicles and how to meet any road conditions you might face with the right vehicle lighting.

Brake Lights

Your vehicles brake lights are activated when you engage your brakes while moving. The brake lights are designed to alert other motorists that your vehicle is suddenly stopping.  It’s recommended that you regularly check your brake lights are functioning by having someone stand a safe distance away from your vehicle and watch to see your brake lights come on when you engage your brakes.

Fog Lights

When experiencing driving conditions in the fog requires we recommend that you engage your Fog lights to improve your visibility and the ability for other motorists to see your vehicle. These specialized lights are part of your vehicles lighting system and are located below the headlight assembly. Fog lights emit a wide beam of light with a sharp cutoff at the top with a bar shape. This design ensures that your Fog lights are not reflected off of the fog itself.

Conditions such as fog or heavy rain are the primary driving conditions when you’d engage the use of your fog lights. We recommend that you refer to your vehicles owners’ manual to understand the complete functionality of your specific vehicles lighting system.

Hazard Lights

Your vehicle has a flashing light signal that alerts other motorists that your vehicle is experiencing some type of hazard on the road ahead or your vehicle safety and those around you is at risk. As a motorist you must manually engage your hazard lights. An example of a circumstance when you would engage your hazards would be in a snow storm and visibility is limited, or you’re towing a trailer and your vehicle is under much greater carrying weight therefore your handling is compromised. Make sure you only engage your hazard lights in these similar circumstances as other motorists are trained to provide vehicles with hazards extra room to maneuver and to operate their vehicle around yours with extra caution.

High Beams

Your headlights have 2 settings; low beam and high beam. Your vehicles High beams offer you a very bright light that is centered and straight. This high beam of light cuts through very dark visibility which provides you improved vision of the road ahead. Regular beams or “low beams” are designed to direct outward and slightly downward, illuminating a greater degree of light vs high beams that are aligned to be centered.  To respect other motorists due to the concentration of high beams directly in front of your vehicle, those vehicles that are coming in the opposite direction experience your high beams and impacts their visibility. It is common practice to respect your fellow motorists and dim your high beams when theirs on coming traffic.

Be an educated motorists and understand your vehicles lightning system. Your visibility on the road and the ability for other vehicles to see you are important factors to reduce road accidents.

Symptoms that your Vehicle lighting systems requires service  

It is usually the case that poorly functioning headlights will produce a few symptoms that can let the driver know that they need to be checked. These are –

  1. Headlights flickering on and off

The flickering of headlights is a symptom of a failing headlight bulb. When the filaments of the headlight bulb become damaged or worn excessively, the bulb can flicker. Flickering bulbs generally burn out shortly after they are first noticed to be faulty. In addition, a flickering bulb can also indicate a failing harness or connection, so it is highly recommended to have a proper inspection performed.

  1. Dim Lights

If you notice that the brightness of the light is getting weak or dim, this may be due to the failure of an alternator or a discharge of the battery. It is best to have the alternator checked by the technician in order to determine the voltage. This is done by connecting the voltage meter to the battery terminal and measuring the reading; if it is low, then the alternator needs to be replaced.

  1. Light remains on

The inside lights may remain on even after all the doors have been shut. If this is the case, it is likely that the front hood has not been properly latched. Unless the front hood is properly latched, it’s possible that the sensors aren’t working. All of these problems can be detected and corrected one of our qualified technicians.

If you have noticed any of these changes, please visit Ürolube. We provide you with a complete range of professional car services tailored directly to your vehicle from our team of highly qualified technicians.

As an Ürolube customer, you can trust us to make sure that your investments are protected. Our company has worked with European vehicles for over thirty years, and we have experienced a few things along the way. Stop by Urolube today to experience the difference.



  • This place was great. I brought in my Audi for service last week and saved a ton of money. They knew what they were talking about, were friendly, and had a quick turn-around time. Went in without really knowing the place, but their customer service was on point and treated me right. Explained everything that was done and what the costs would be, no hassle. Overall this was a positive experience and will definitely be coming back for any other service.

    Alexander N.
  • Great service! I was in Miami vacationing for a couple of months and noticed my Porsche 911 needed a service. I called around and all of the other shops wanted to charge me an outrageous price. I found Urolube and their service was outstanding, the staff was very friendly, knowledgeable and most importantly the got me in and out in no time. I would definitely go back. Thanks,​ Urolube!

    Juan V.
  • Awesome customer service with friendly and knowledgeable staff. I would absolutely recommend Urolube to friends and family. I took my Mercedes G Wagon there for an oil change and the service was excellent, the prices were reasonable and I will definitely be coming back. Thanks Urolube!

    Ivonne M.
  • Took my Mini to get an oil change, quick service. The waiting area was spacious, clean and comfortable. The mechanic was nice and explained what he was going to do. WAY CHEAPER THAN THE DEALER!!

    Andres C.
  • I trusted my BMW to Urolube for oil change and maintenance work and I was highly impressed. I always went to the dealer (South Motors BMW) thinking they provide the best service but in reality after a few bad experiences I decided to give Urolube a try. They are centrally located in Miami and provide a top notch experience. The oil change price for my BMW was more affordable than the dealership and they indeed used an OEM filter and Oil. Thanks Guys! I will be coming back again.

    Alex G.
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