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The Mercedes has an appealing exterior despite its sophisticated design, high-tech features, and consistently impressive performance. On the inside, however, your Mercedes is a mechanical system with complex components, and each element requires regular maintenance and servicing.

We at Ürolube pride ourselves on the skill and understanding of our certified Mercedes Benz technicians that have the ability to keep your car running as smoothly as possible. Our Mercedes-Benz servicing department specializes in both A and B services.

Keeping your Mercedes Benz in top shape requires Mercedes Benz service at regular intervals. In Mercedes Benz, service A is performed approximately every 12 months and every 10,000 miles, service B is typically performed every 20000 miles. There are overlapping tasks between A Service and B Service, but B Service also includes a brake fluid change and cabin air filter replacement.

You have invested in a luxury vehicle, so trust us at Ürolube to service your ride and keep it in high performance condition.  Our team can handle general service as well as repair or unexpected breakdowns.

Among all the Mercedes express services we offer, here are some of them:

  1. Mercedes Benz Oil filter check and replacement

With dirty or old filters, your Mercedes won’t live up to the high standards of its brand. Oil filters that are old and filled with dirt, debris, and contaminants are of no use. These filters can cause serious engine damage and limit the lifespan of your vehicle. Checking your oil filter regularly can save you time and money. Ürolube’scertified mechanics replace your oil filter as part of a routine oil change, among other services, so your luxury Mercedes lasts as long as it should.

  1. Mercedes Benz Tire services
  • Tire pressure

You must schedule a diagnostic appointment if your Mercedes tire pressure monitor’s yellow light remains solid for more than one minute. TPMS cannot detect or notify low-tire situations if it is not functioning properly.Ürolube can test your TPMS to ensure that it is functioning correctly so that you can drive with confidence.

  • Tire rotation

Extend tire life and improve performance with regular tire rotation. Rotating tires wear evenly. Different tires perform different tasks (such as steering in a front-wheel-drive or rear-wheel drive), which causes them to wear differently. Rotating your tires correctly requires you to follow the correct rotation pattern. Thus, you will maintain the life of your tires and reduce the risk of sudden tire failure.

Whenever you ask us to perform a tire rotation, you can be assured that we will do so properly.

  1. Mercedes Benz Wiper Replacement

Ürolubecarries a wide selection of Bosch Windshield Wipers in stock. Because the weather in Miami is so unpredictable, you must be prepared for severe rain conditions if they occur. Each time you visit our mechanics, we’ll inspect your wipers and, if necessary, replace them to help you see clearly and to keep you safe on the road.

  1. Mercedes Benz Battery Service

Having a good battery in your car is essential. Mercedes Benz car batteries provide electricity to run the engine and to power accessories when it is not running. As a result, both cold winters and hot summers can have an adverse effect on the battery’s health. An inspection at Ürolube can help you determine when your Mercedes battery needs replacing before you are stranded.

If you wait, your battery won’t last long. Bring it in to have it checked.

  1. Mercedes Benz Check Engine Light

Does your Mercedes-Benz E-Class, C-Class, GLA, GLC, GLE, ML, or SL have a check engine light on? Being unaware of an engine warning is alarming, especially when it’s the first time you’ve seen one. The Ürolubeteam can help you figure out what’s wrong and what to do next. With our advanced diagnostic equipment, we can quickly read Mercedes-Benz OBD codes. The way your check engine light behaves can help you determine the severity of the problem.

Ürolube is a great place for you to schedule your next Mercedes service appointment if you want to keep your vehicle in excellent condition. We are delighted to offer you the services of our mechanics, who are certified to make certain your car is in top condition. Our team can handle general services to complex repairs to ensure you are ready to hit the road in your luxury car operating at its highest performance.



Mercedes-Benz traces its origins to Karl Benz’s creation of the first petrol-powered car, the Benz Patent Motorwagen, financed by Bertha Benz and patented in January 1886, and Gottlieb Daimler and engineer Wilhelm Maybach’s conversion of a stagecoach by the addition of a petrol engine later that year. The Mercedes automobile was first marketed in 1901 by Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (Daimler Motors Corporation).


On 28 June 1926, Mercedes-Benz was formed with the merger of Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler’s two companies.


Mercedes (or Mercédès) was the daughter of Austrian businessman Emil Jellinek.


The first car to carry the Mercedes name was the 35 HP (or 35 PS in Germany).


Throughout the 1930s, Mercedes-Benz produced the 770 model, a car that was popular during Germany’s Nazi period. Adolf Hitler was known to have driven these cars during his time in power, with bulletproof windshields


The three points of the Mercedes-Benz Star represent: land, water, and air, as the company was seeking to prosper on all three fronts.


Anti-lock braking system (ABS) was exclusively created for the S-Class


Mercedes-Benz employs one inspector for every 11 workers, and pays them to criticize their heads off. By the time a Mercedes-Benz gets the final stamp of approval, it has undergone thousands of separate inspections.


Every Mercedes-Benz body is welded in 10,000 places. No bolts to work loose as the miles add up; this is one car that wont age to the sad tune of rattles, squeaks and groans.


The Pope rides a Mercedes-Benz M-Class SUV, with added features like oxygen system and bullet-proof glass.


Mercedes-Benz Oil Change and Maintenance in Miami

Make sure your Mercedes-Benz gets the right fluids at the right times, whether it’s engine oil, power steering, brake fluid, etc. all fluids are designed with specification to ensure the components are properly lubricated.


The engine in your Mercedes-Benz is a sophisticated power plant, and it requires engine oil that meets exact specifications, which we carry in stock at ÜroLube. Choosing the proper oil, along with oil and filter changes at factory-specified intervals, will help ensure proper lubrication for your vehicle’s engine. In every visit, we inspect all fluids and filters to advise you of any parts or service needed to keep your Mercedes-Benz running properly.

All services and maintenance conducted by our shop will keep your warranty valid, as we carry all licenses to work on your vehicle and only use the proper specified fluids and parts per manufacturer requirement.

Whether your Mercedes-Benz is due by mileage or vehicle is indicating to visit the workshop rest assured that Ürolube located in Miami FL has you covered.

Book an appointment or call us today to inquire about any services your vehicle may need.

Filters in your car are important to change as specified or needed depending on driving conditions. A dirty air filter in your engine will not give your vehicle the sufficient air flow required therefore causing your vehicle to consume more fuel than usual.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about your Mercedes-Benz.

  • Mercedes-Benz Inspection & Preventive Maintenance
  • Mercedes-Benz Oil Changes
  • Mercedes-Benz Air & Pollen Filters
  • Mercedes-Benz Windshield Wipers
  • Mercedes-Benz Automotive Lighting
  • Mercedes-Benz Battery Maintenance & Replacement
  • Mercedes-Benz Tire Rotation
  • Mercedes-Benz Fluids & Additives


Recommended Factory Service A & Service B Maintenance service interval (FSM) for your Mercedes-Benz (as per Mercedes-Benz).

  • All models, the recommended FSM interval is once a year or every 10,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Recommended Ürolube scheduled maintenance (USM) for your Mercedes-Benz (as per Ürolube).

  • On all models, the recommended USM interval is once a year or every 6000 miles, whichever comes first.  USM’s recommended intervals are based on weather and traffic conditions frequently found in the Miami area. High traffic and long idling causes wear on your engine oil not accounted for on your vehicle’s odometer. As a shop owner, I stress the importance of servicing your vehicle more frequently than the manufacturer recommendation because I have seen firsthand what waiting for 10,000 miles does to the vehicle’s engine. Always listen to your vehicle if a service required message is displayed sooner than the USM recommended 6,000 miles.

Ürolube guarantees your car is maintained to Mercedes-Benz standards by using OEM parts that are installed by certified technicians.

Read more about the difference between Service A and Service B.


  • This place was great. I brought in my Audi for service last week and saved a ton of money. They knew what they were talking about, were friendly, and had a quick turn-around time. Went in without really knowing the place, but their customer service was on point and treated me right. Explained everything that was done and what the costs would be, no hassle. Overall this was a positive experience and will definitely be coming back for any other service.

    Alexander N.
  • Great service! I was in Miami vacationing for a couple of months and noticed my Porsche 911 needed a service. I called around and all of the other shops wanted to charge me an outrageous price. I found Urolube and their service was outstanding, the staff was very friendly, knowledgeable and most importantly the got me in and out in no time. I would definitely go back. Thanks,​ Urolube!

    Juan V.
  • Awesome customer service with friendly and knowledgeable staff. I would absolutely recommend Urolube to friends and family. I took my Mercedes G Wagon there for an oil change and the service was excellent, the prices were reasonable and I will definitely be coming back. Thanks Urolube!

    Ivonne M.
  • Took my Mini to get an oil change, quick service. The waiting area was spacious, clean and comfortable. The mechanic was nice and explained what he was going to do. WAY CHEAPER THAN THE DEALER!!

    Andres C.
  • I trusted my BMW to Urolube for oil change and maintenance work and I was highly impressed. I always went to the dealer (South Motors BMW) thinking they provide the best service but in reality after a few bad experiences I decided to give Urolube a try. They are centrally located in Miami and provide a top notch experience. The oil change price for my BMW was more affordable than the dealership and they indeed used an OEM filter and Oil. Thanks Guys! I will be coming back again.

    Alex G.