Maintaining your vehicle’s routine maintenance is essential for many years of trouble-free operation.

At Ürolube, we are committed to providing a team of highly qualified technicians who provide fast, exemplary service. Our technicians always maintain the highest standards when it comes to oil changes or brake replacements at an affordable price.

Land Rover service and maintenance carried out at regularly scheduled intervals will ensure that your Land Rover vehicle operates at its peak levels of efficiency. Every time you bring your vehicle in for service, our certified land rover mechanics will inspect it and, if possible, recommend any additional services that you may need. You entrust your family’s safety to your vehicle, and our number one priority is keeping you and your family safe on the road.

The following are some of our services:

  1. Land Rover Wiper Replacement Services

Having the ability to see the road ahead clearly is crucial to your family’s safety. The weather is so unpredictable, and that’s why windshield wipers atÜrolube are inspected regularly and can be replaced if necessary so you can enjoy your ride.

We use quality wiper manufacturers to ensure a proper fit and long-term lifespan for your product. Dry surfaces accelerate the wear of wipers, so our technicians top off wiper fluid whenever necessary. We can also apply repellent treatments upon request.

  1. Land Rover Battery Replacement Services

A Land Rover’s battery can make or break the experience. A good one makes you feel more confident each time you start your vehicle, while a bad one gives you second thoughts every time you start your engine. Therefore, we recommend that your battery be inspected and tested at least once a year.

We specialize in the servicing and maintenance of European and exotic vehicles. We can reset vehicle service reminders, register batteries, and code up to factory standards using our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. Getting quality service at a reasonable price is our way of ensuring that every customer is taken care of.

  1. Land Rover oil changes service

Land Rover engines are sophisticated power plants, and they require engine oil that meets specific specifications. We carry this oil in stock at Ürolube. Unlubricated engines are considered to be a major cause of engine failure.

Maintaining proper engine lubrication will depend on the oil you select and changing it at intervals recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. During each visit to our shop, we inspect all fluids and filters in order to inform you of any parts or services that may be needed to keep your Land Rover running smoothly. Our diagnostic equipment is up to date so that you can reset the service reminders on your vehicle. Get the best service when you book a service appointment with Ürolube.

  1. Land Rover TPMS Failure

Is the TPMS light on your Land Rover on?Ürolubeoffers services to address TPMS failures as well. We have the skills and equipment to provide you with TPMS system repairs, sensor replacements, and TPMS firmware updates so that you always have the best driving experience.

  1. Land Rover Headlamp and Bulb Replacement Service

Our inventory of Land Rover bulbs at Ürolube includes a wide variety of Land Rover replacement bulbs. We begin by inspecting all the working lights on your vehicle as our initial step in performing any type of service.

  1. Land Rover Tire Services

Our team will inspect each tire on your vehicle during each service to ensure your vehicle is safe to operate on the road. We will inspect the tires looking for damage or signs of uneven or premature wear, as well as check your tire pressure. We can also perform tire orations to extend the lifespan of your rubber.

  1. Land Rover Rustproofing

Even new or old vehicles can be penetrated by rust. A vehicle with visible rust is an absolute nightmare when it comes to preserving it. As part of our maintenance program, we offer rustproofing and undercoating for Land Rovers. To learn more, feel free to contact us.

Regularly maintaining your car is essential! We know what it takes to keep your vehicle in top shape, so rely on our experts for this task. It will enable you to save money on costly repairs and make driving more enjoyable.

Moreover, it will make you as well as your family safer while on the road. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of a breakdown and contributes to cleaner air for our planet as well.

Also, we recommend the factory scheduled maintenance service interval (FSM) for your Land Rover. For all Land Rover models, it is recommended to perform FSMs once a year or every 15,000 miles, whichever comes first. In addition to using original Land Rover parts installed by certified technicians, Ürolubemakes sure that your vehicle is maintained to Land Rover standards.

It would be worthwhile for you to schedule your Land Rover service appointment at Ürolube so that you can ensure that your Land Rover runs at its best. It is our pleasure to offer you the services of our mechanics, who are certified to ensure that it is in the best possible condition.

  1. Land Rover battery services – A Land Rover’s battery can make or break the experience. A good one makes you feel more confident each time you start your vehicle, while a bad one gives you second thoughts every time you start your engine. Therefore, we recommend that your battery be inspected and tested at least once a year at TIRECRAFT.
  1. Land Rover oil changes – Unlubricated engines are considered to be a major cause of engine failure. To prevent this possibility, our certified technicians highly recommend routine oil changes. Using fresh motor oil will ensure that your engine’s parts are lubricated, extending its life and ensuring optimal performance. Get the best service when you book a service appointment with TIRECRAFT.
  2. Land Rover transmission services – Whether you’re having the transmission serviced or you’re replacing it, don’t trust just anyone. The highly trained and certified technicians at TIRECRAFT are familiar with your vehicle from top to bottom. We handle any transmission need you may have, from fluid exchange to transmission repair. Modern facilities enable our certified technicians to perform their work with the highest level of quality. Hence, don’t waste your time at big box auto repair and lube shops. Experience TIRECRAFT’s VIP service today!



Rover was a British car manufacturing company founded as Starley & Sutton Co. of Coventry in 1878.


Ferdinand Porsche founded the company called “Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche GmbH” in 1931, with main offices at Kronenstraße 24 in the centre of Stuttgart.


The first Land Rover had the steering wheel in the middle.


LR used to provide trucks for students from Oxford and Cambridge to drive across continents to places like Singapore and the Sahara, “for the sake of learning.”


You could order a Land Rover with tank treads in the 50s from the Rover factory.


Land Rover dominated the Camel Trophy, which included treks across places like Siberia, the Amazon, Tierra del Fuego, and the Australian Outback, with vehicles that were mostly stock.


The first Range Rover was designed in the 1950s, even though Range Rovers didn’t exist until the 1970s.


It was called the Road Rover, and was based on a car platform, about five decades ahead of today’s crossover SUVs.


In 2000, Rover Group was broken up by BMW and Land Rover was sold to Ford Motor Company, becoming part of its Premier Automotive Group.


Land Rover Oil Change Service and Maintenance in Miami

Make sure your Land Rover gets the right fluids at the right times, whether it’s engine oil, power steering, brake fluid, etc. all fluids are designed with specification to ensure the components are properly lubricated.


The engine in your Land Rover is a sophisticated power plant, and it requires engine oil that meets exact specifications, which we carry in stock at ÜroLube. Choosing the proper oil, along with oil and filter changes at factory-specified intervals, will help ensure proper lubrication for your vehicle’s engine. In every visit we inspect all fluids and filters to advise you of any parts or service needed to keep your Land Rover running properly.

All services and maintenance conducted by our shop will keep your warranty valid, as we carry all licenses to work on your vehicle and only use the proper specified fluids and parts per manufacturer requirement.

Whether your Land Rover is due by mileage or vehicle is indicating to visit the workshop rest assured that Ürolube located in Miami FL has you covered.

Book an appointment or call us today to inquire about any services your vehicle may need.

Filters in your car are important to change as specified or needed depending on driving conditions. A dirty air filter in your engine will not give your vehicle the sufficient air flow required therefore causing your vehicle to consume more fuel than usual.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about your Land Rover.

  • Land Rover Inspection & Preventive Maintenance
  • Land Rover Oil Changes
  • Land Rover Air & Pollen Filters
  • Land Rover Windshield Wipers
  • Land Rover Automotive Lighting
  • Land Rover Battery Maintenance & Replacement
  • Land Rover Tire Rotation

Land Rover Fluids & Additives



Recommended Factory Scheduled Maintenance service interval (FSM) for your Land Rover (as per Land Rover).

  • All models, the recommended FSM interval is once a year or every 15,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Recommended Ürolube scheduled maintenance (USM) for your Land Rover (as per Ürolube).

  • On all models, the recommended USM interval is once a year or every 6000 miles, whichever comes first. USM’s recommended intervals are based on weather and traffic conditions frequently found in the Miami area. High traffic and long idling causes wear on your engine oil not accounted for on your vehicle’s odometer. As a shop owner, I stress the importance of servicing your vehicle more frequently than the manufacturer recommendation because I have seen firsthand what waiting for 10,000 miles does to the vehicle’s engine. Always listen to your vehicle if a service required message is displayed sooner than the USM recommended 6,000 miles.

Ürolube guarantees your car is maintained to Land Rover standards by using OEM parts that are installed by certified technicians.


  • This place was great. I brought in my Audi for service last week and saved a ton of money. They knew what they were talking about, were friendly, and had a quick turn-around time. Went in without really knowing the place, but their customer service was on point and treated me right. Explained everything that was done and what the costs would be, no hassle. Overall this was a positive experience and will definitely be coming back for any other service.

    Alexander N.
  • Great service! I was in Miami vacationing for a couple of months and noticed my Porsche 911 needed a service. I called around and all of the other shops wanted to charge me an outrageous price. I found Urolube and their service was outstanding, the staff was very friendly, knowledgeable and most importantly the got me in and out in no time. I would definitely go back. Thanks,​ Urolube!

    Juan V.
  • Awesome customer service with friendly and knowledgeable staff. I would absolutely recommend Urolube to friends and family. I took my Mercedes G Wagon there for an oil change and the service was excellent, the prices were reasonable and I will definitely be coming back. Thanks Urolube!

    Ivonne M.
  • Took my Mini to get an oil change, quick service. The waiting area was spacious, clean and comfortable. The mechanic was nice and explained what he was going to do. WAY CHEAPER THAN THE DEALER!!

    Andres C.
  • I trusted my BMW to Urolube for oil change and maintenance work and I was highly impressed. I always went to the dealer (South Motors BMW) thinking they provide the best service but in reality after a few bad experiences I decided to give Urolube a try. They are centrally located in Miami and provide a top notch experience. The oil change price for my BMW was more affordable than the dealership and they indeed used an OEM filter and Oil. Thanks Guys! I will be coming back again.

    Alex G.