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The Rolls Royce possesses a sophisticated appearance, high-tech features, and consistently pleasing performance. Luxury vehicles such as Rolls Royce offer highly advanced computer systems with a level of advanced engineering, where each of the elements demands regular diagnostic checks, maintenance and service.

To ensure they maintain this level of performance over a long period of time, regular specialized maintenance with the appropriate equipment are required. Rolls Royce motor cars are equipped with a system called Condition based service or CBS.

Condition Based Servicing

Rolls-Royce vehicles are designed with endless features which require highly advanced technical components.  The Condition Based Service/CBS deploys sensors to monitor crucial parts and systems ensuring your vehicle’s performance standard and safety are maintained.

With on-board computers monitoring the health of your vehicles essential systems, you can be confident that you maintain the value of your luxury vehicle.  The team at Urlobe understands how to perform the necessary services for your Rolls-Royce.  We understand how to work with your vehicles CBS.

Luxury amenities

In addition to the engineering advancements equipped win your Rolls Royce. Customizing the image and style of your luxury vehicle is one of the unique attributes of Rolls Royce.

From thermal imaging night vision camera for detecting animals on a dark country road to your custom control heating, massaging captain chairs and powered foot rests.

The team at Urolube is meticulous and approach the servicing of your Rolls Royce with the level of detail you expect.  We’ll invest the time to learn the your unique features that you’ve personalized in your Rolls Royce.

Regular Service maintenance

Ürolube ensures your engine filters and perishable parts are replaced at the right time and always with genuine Rolls Royce parts.

Additionally, we organize regular fluid and oil changes in order to ensure that the vehicle is always adequately lubricated across all critical areas, regardless of its location. By working with our diagnostic equipment, we can help you reset any service reminders on your vehicle.

We provide the following maintenance and repair services as part of our expertise –

  1. Rolls Royce brake services 

Regardless of how carefully you drive, the brakes in a Rolls Royce are constantly working to keep you safe. Keeping your brakes serviced regularly and making repairs as needed ensures they’re reliable. In order to ensure that any problems are taken care of before they become major concerns, we provide a complimentary brake inspection with every brake service. Our brake services include:

  • Brake repair
  • Brake pads
  • Brake Discs
  • Rotor inspection
  • Brake fluid flush
  1. Rolls Royce Oil changes & lube service 

Ürolube offers a variety of lubricants to protect your RollsRoyce engine and recommends the oil grade specified after inspection according to your model. Maintaining the lubrication of the many moving parts in your vehicle and transmission will ensure that everything runs smoothly. Our technicians ensure that all of your mechanical components are properly lubricated by changing your oil and topping off your fluids.

  1. Rolls Royce battery service and replacement 

The failure of a battery can cause a variety of problems. Therefore, we ensure that the battery of your car is in good shape so it can last a long time. With Ürolube, we install new batteries of well-known brands that provide your car with a new lease of life. It is very genuine for us to assist you in picking the correct automotive battery size for your vehicle when we perform a battery change.

Here are the battery services we provide:

  • Warning lights
  • Exhaust
  • Airbags
  • Scan tool
  • Charging system
  1. Rolls Royce Wheel alignment 

Your car may need an alignment if it pulls to one side or if the steering wheel vibrates. Wheel alignments usually resolve handling problems. Our staff at Ürolube examines the steering angle sensor that is part of the stability control systems, which must be reset after the alignment of the wheels is completed.

  1. Rolls Royce Exhaust system repair and replacement

Occasionally hearing tapping or ticking noises in your Rolls Royce can be an indication of a failing exhaust manifold. Ürolube provides Rolls exhaust systems that can be repaired or replaced. Our team visually inspects the entire exhaust system, identifying the cause of the problem and performing a complete overhaul.

  1. Rolls Royce Headlight Restoration

As part of our Rolls Royce Headlight Restoration service, we also offer other automotive-related services at Ürolube. You can watch our social media video to get a better understanding of what we do.

So, book your appointments with the Rolls Royce service department at Ürolube and ensure that it operates at maximum capacity. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality and manufacture recommended parts. We stand behind the high-quality parts and our service. To learn more about our warranties when servicing your Rolls Royce, contact us today.



Rolls-Royce Ltd was a car and airplane engine manufacturing company founded in 1906 by Charles Stewart Rolls and Frederick Henry Royce. (The partnership led to the first Rolls Royce, the 1906 40/50 Silver Ghost, and the car ran, non-stop, for a record-breaking 24,000 km)


Charles Stewart Rolls, one half of the eponymous carmaker, was the first man to fly across the English Channel and back.


In 1931 Rolls Royce purchased Bentley who was founded in 1919 by W.O Bentley. The company started as an Airplane rotary engine manufacturer, after World War I, Bentley started building and racing cars and winning the Hours of Le Mans four consecutive years giving the company recognition and fame.


In 1998 Volkswagen purchased Bentley and Rolls Royce only to find out that BMW held the rights to the Rolls Royce name and logo. Between the years 1998 to 2002, BMW supplied V8 for Bentley and V12 for Rolls, after that the company separated where Volkswagen held full ownership of Bentley and BMW of Rolls Royce.


Approximately 65 percent of all Rolls-Royce cars ever built are still on the road today.


The Rolls-Royce Phantom was introduced in 2003 and is the first incarnation of the new generation of Rolls-Royce cars under BMW. Customers can choose from, hold your breath, 44,000 colours.


The hood ornament is called The Spirit of Ecstasy and was commissioned in 1911. (…and is the result of an illicit affair.) Today, the Spirit of Ecstasy is mounted on a mechanism that retracts the ornament into the grille by remote control or automatically in the event of a collision.


Rolls Royce Oil Change and Maintenance in Miami

Make sure your Rolls Royce gets the right fluids at the right times, whether it’s engine oil, power steering, brake fluid, etc. all fluids are designed with specification to ensure the components are properly lubricated.


The engine in your Rolls Royce is a sophisticated power plant, and it requires engine oil that meets exact specifications, which we carry in stock at ÜroLube. Choosing the proper oil, along with oil and filter changes at factory-specified intervals, will help ensure proper lubrication for your vehicle’s engine. In every visit we inspect all fluids and filters to advise you of any parts or service needed to keep your Rolls Royce running properly.

All services and maintenance conducted by our shop will keep your warranty valid, as we carry all licenses to work on your vehicle and only use the proper specified fluids and parts per manufacturer requirement.

Whether your Rolls Royce is due by mileage or vehicle is indicating to visit the workshop rest assured that Ürolube located in Miami FL has you covered.

Book an appointment or call us today to inquire about any services your vehicle may need.

Filters in your car are important to change as specified or needed depending on driving conditions. A dirty air filter in your engine will not give your vehicle the sufficient air flow required therefore causing your vehicle to consume more fuel than usual.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about your Rolls Royce.


  • Rolls Royce Inspection & Preventive Maintenance
  • Rolls Royce Oil Changes
  • Rolls Royce Air & Pollen Filters
  • Rolls Royce Windshield Wipers
  • Rolls Royce Automotive Lighting
  • Rolls Royce Battery Maintenance & Replacement
  • Rolls Royce Tire Rotation
  • Rolls Royce Fluids & Additives


Recommended Rolls-Royce Service Inclusive (RRSI) for your Rolls Royce (as per Rolls Royce “A”-service, “B”-service, “C”-service, “D”-service).

  • On models prior to 1987, the recommended RRSI interval is once a year or every 6000 miles, whichever comes first.
  • For 1987 models and newer, the recommended RRSI is extended to once a year or every 12,000 miles.

Recommended Ürolube scheduled maintenance (USM) for your Rolls-Royce (as per Ürolube).

  • On all models, the recommended USM interval is once a year or every 6000 miles, whichever comes first. USM’s recommended intervals are based on weather and traffic conditions frequently found in the Miami area. High traffic and long idling causes wear on your engine oil not accounted for on your vehicle’s odometer. As a shop owner, I stress the importance of servicing your vehicle more frequently than the manufacturer recommendation because I have seen firsthand what waiting for 10,000 miles does to the vehicle’s engine. Always listen to your vehicle if a service required message is displayed sooner than the USM recommended 6,000 miles.

Ürolube guarantees your car is maintained to Rolls-Royce standards by using OEM parts that are installed by certified technicians.


  • This place was great. I brought in my Audi for service last week and saved a ton of money. They knew what they were talking about, were friendly, and had a quick turn-around time. Went in without really knowing the place, but their customer service was on point and treated me right. Explained everything that was done and what the costs would be, no hassle. Overall this was a positive experience and will definitely be coming back for any other service.

    Alexander N.
  • Great service! I was in Miami vacationing for a couple of months and noticed my Porsche 911 needed a service. I called around and all of the other shops wanted to charge me an outrageous price. I found Urolube and their service was outstanding, the staff was very friendly, knowledgeable and most importantly the got me in and out in no time. I would definitely go back. Thanks,​ Urolube!

    Juan V.
  • Awesome customer service with friendly and knowledgeable staff. I would absolutely recommend Urolube to friends and family. I took my Mercedes G Wagon there for an oil change and the service was excellent, the prices were reasonable and I will definitely be coming back. Thanks Urolube!

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  • I trusted my BMW to Urolube for oil change and maintenance work and I was highly impressed. I always went to the dealer (South Motors BMW) thinking they provide the best service but in reality after a few bad experiences I decided to give Urolube a try. They are centrally located in Miami and provide a top notch experience. The oil change price for my BMW was more affordable than the dealership and they indeed used an OEM filter and Oil. Thanks Guys! I will be coming back again.

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