How living in Miami affects your car

How does traffic and construction affect your car?

Traffic is a way of life for those living in Miami. Unfortunately, stop and go traffic weighs heavier on your vehicle than consistent highway miles. In fact, frequent high traffic drivers, like those in Kendall and Doral, should look to the “severe” driving conditions when reading through their owners manual for all recommended service intervals.

Traffic will also wear on your vehicle’s braking system. Since, in Miami at least, it is almost impossible to leave a cushioned space between you and the driver in front of you, drivers use their brakes extensively while commuting in heavy traffic. Take notice of any grinding noises, increases in stopping distance, changes in the way the brake pedal feels or if your car pulls to one side while braking. Please let your Urolube technician know if you experience any of these symptoms.

Traffic in areas like Doral or the 826 is aggravated by the heavy tractor trailer use. The roads suffer and, as a result, potholes and patch fixes pop up all over town. Drivers should use caution around potholes. If an incident occurs, take notice of any changes to your vehicle’s alignment or suspension.

Construction also takes a toll on your vehicle’s air filters. Let our technician or service representative know if you frequently drive in areas under construction. The cabin air filter is responsible for ensuring the air you breathe in your vehicle is clean. Outside dirt and debris can limit its effectiveness. Air cabin filter replacement frequency depends on driving habits and conditions of the areas you drive. Urolube technicians will inform you of the quality of your filter after inspection.

Important safety points for your car for this upcoming rainy season

Does it ever not rain in Miami? The heavy traffic accompanied with wet roads and limited sight distance is a recipe for disaster. Again, your vehicle’s braking system is critical to your safety especially in rainy weather. Just as critical is your vehicle’s ABS or anti lock braking system. If there is an issue typically your vehicle will display an ABS light on the instrument display panel. Anti lock brakes are essential on wet roads to prevent your vehicle from skidding.

Effective windshield wipers are essential in giving you proper sight distance during the frequent afternoon monsoons in Miami. Urolube technicians will inspect and, if necessary, replace all the wipers on your vehicle during your visit. We’ll keep you and your family safe on the road.

In rainy weather, you may notice a leak or smell indicating you that water is seeping in during heavy rainfall. Your vehicle has many drainage systems all of which are vulnerable to clogs. Please let your technician know if you have seen or smelled water inside your vehicle. This is important  because water seepage may compromise your vehicle’s computer system resulting in costly repairs.

Air conditioning drain may also be clogged, be aware of water dripping back inside while using the AC. For those living in areas like Coral Gables, take note that heavy foliage often leads to clogged drainage systems. Be sure to check and clean out any leaves/debris from your vehicle often.

What to do you’re caught driving in a flash flood?

South Floridians are used to wet weather. However, those who live in low lying areas like Doral and Kendall have experience with floods. Drivers in flood prone areas should know what to do in case their vehicle is ever caught in a flood.

If you are driving in a flood (which you shouldn’t do!) and you’re vehicle turns off, first and most important, DO NOT TRY TO TURN YOUR VEHICLE BACK ON. Tow your vehicle directly to a mechanic shop and let both the tow truck operator and mechanic know that the vehicle was in a flood when it turned off. These actions may help prevent costly water damage to your vehicle’s engine.

Don’t use your car often?

There are several areas of Miami with great public transportation or walkability, like Brickell. Owners living in these areas experience a different set of maintenance issues. The battery in your vehicle can start to drain. A typical, not so known symptom of this is your vehicle will start to “forget” your customized settings. For example, the seat position will need to be adjusted each time the vehicle is turned on. Extended periods without use is also a typical issue for our seasonal South Floridians or snow birds in Miami Beach and Key Biscayne.

Jackie TorresHow living in Miami affects your car