Water leaking on the floor of you car?

Sunroof and Air Conditioning drains can become clogged, resulting in water leaking on the floor of the drivers and/or passenger side of the vehicle.

If you notice the water leaking only when it is raining outside, it is likely that your sunroof drain is clogged. The most likely cause of the clog is from underneath trees. The leave debris can pile up over time and block the small opening that allows the water to flow out of vehicle. The drains are made of rubber, so it is imperative to not insert anything in the opening of the drain in an attempt to clear the debris. The rubber drain hose is fragile and can rupture easily.

If the water is leaking despite the weather conditions outside, and while you are running your vehicle’s air conditioning, it is likely that the A/C drain is clogged.

The first sign you will likely notice is the smell and wet carpet underneath your feet. The water can damage your vehicle’s carpet and cause mold. It is important to have these drains cleared because your vehicle’s computer system is often located on the floor of your vehicle.

Warning lights will display when your vehicle’s computer system is wet or surrounded by moisture.

You may notice that check engine and other warning lights illuminate. Warning lights on your vehicle’s display panel is a sign that the components in the computer system may be damaged.There are other sensors that could be affected as well. The cost of unclogging the drains is minimal compared to the cost of repairing/replacing your vehicle’s computer system.

Ürolube is equipped to handle both drain system failures. Our mechanics have been trained to identify the source of the issue. Repairing the clogged drains does not require a lot of time and will save you money. Come experience the difference at Ürolube today!

Jackie TorresWater leaking on the floor of you car?